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Welcome To 1st Ascot (All Saints)

Scouting is both a family and a movement and accordingly the following information will hopefully be useful to you as you join the World of Scouting.  This letter will attempt to provide the guidelines and answer some basic questions on how we work in North Ascot. The areas that are covered here include – What is it about, Membership, The Group, Uniform, Leaders, Parents / Guardians, Money, and who to ask.

Scouting - What is it About?

 What is Scouting?

Scouting is a world wide educational Movement for young people. It contributes to the fulfilment of their potential using a progressive and enjoyable values-based programme for personal development.

Incorporated as a charity by Royal Charter in 1912, The Scout Association in the United Kingdom, seeks to provide young people with opportunities to participate in adventurous outdoor activities, learn team-building skills and develop new friendships. It is firmly committed to co-education so that boys and girls can develop together and meet the aims of Scouting through one programme.
Mission Statement

The aim of the Association is to promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical,intellectual, social and spiritual potential, as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.The Method of achieving the Aim of the Association is by providing an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training, based on the Scout Promise and Law, and guided by adult leadership.


Membership is open to all young people and adults, regardless of ability, who are prepared to accept

Scouting’s fundamental principles. Today, there are over half a million adults and young people enjoying the fun and friendship of Scouting in the United Kingdom.

When an individual becomes a Member that person becomes a member of a Group, District and County (as appropriate). They also become a Member of The Scout Association and of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Young people become Members of the Scout Movement by making the Promise appropriate to their Section.

The Group

1st Ascot (All Saints) is the Scout Group located in North Ascot at Rhododendron Walk and is an “Open Sponsored” Scout Group. All Saints Church provides a backing to the Group but membership is not limited to those who attend the Church. The Group has taken different shapes since being started in 1924 and currently is moving with the rest of the Scout movement to cover the 6-25 age range. The Group is divided into Sections who provide the weekly programmes for their respective age groups.  Scouting is a voluntary activity and to support the Uniformed sections relies on the Group Committee made up of Parents and supporters who provide the finance and social programme.

The young people who enter Scouting are able to move through the different sections as they grow up.  Some are able to join the Group in the older sections as opportunities arise. The Group has traditionally had a waiting list to enter and consequently membership is a privilege that many others would like.


The Scout Association is a Uniformed movement and all members are expected to possess full uniform and wear this as appropriate for meetings and activities. Uniform allows a sense of identity and pride in belonging to a worldwide organisation as well as the practical uses. Each section has a distinctive uniform with some elements being common to all. The Uniform will have some badges which are worn to identify the Group, District, and County and other badges will be awarded in each section as recognition of achievement and activities. Guidance on the position of the badges is provided later.


Each section has a section Leader and Assistant Leaders who are responsible for the programme and running the activities. All Leaders are required to undergo training during their initial years of involvement. These adults again give their time on a voluntary basis and are bound by a code of conduct when dealing with young people. The Section Leader or their nominated Assistant will be the initial point of contact for all questions on the activities of their particular section.  Any questions which relate to the overall Group or to the social activities should be addressed to the Group Scout Leader or the Group Chairman.

Parents / Guardians

Being a family oriented Scout Group we encourage all the Parents and Guardians of the Group members to participate in the various Group activities. Assistance is always welcome and without the additional adult involvement there would be no Scouting. We ask that all adults are checked as they become involved with the Scout Group to ensure that when called upon we are able to satisfy the other Parents and Guardians as well as Leaders that the adults are suitable to be responsible for others children.  The Leaders will always try to meet specific needs but cannot be held responsible for events outside of the Scouting activities provided. The Parents and Guardians have a responsibility to provide safe passage to and from Scouting activities and also ensure that they inform the Section Leader of their whereabouts or point of contact during the activity. (Remember your child may require your consent in cases of emergency).


Scouting has some different approaches to finance in different Groups and areas. The following notes are an indication of how 1st Ascot (All Saints) is orientated in the collection and payment of money.


Annual Capitation – once a year (January) every member is asked to pay an Annual Capitation Fee. This money is to cover the cost of Scouting Headquarters (insurance, services etc), County and District (administration), and also provides a contribution by all to the running costs of the Group.


Section Subscriptions – each section raises money from the members to cover the running costs. Each section collects these subscriptions as follows – Beavers & Cubs – by Term, Scouts by Term or Year. Specific events (Camp or outing) will usually incur an additional cost for those attending.


Fund Raising – The Group runs a number of events during the year to raise additional money either for the maintenance of the Group Headquarters or specific activities. These consist both pure fund raising and also social which allow all members of the Group and their families to be involved.


Gift Aid – The Group also uses the Government Gift Aid programme to claim back Tax money on the membership fees paid into the Group account. A form will be presented and only needs to be signed once by a Tax Payer in the family.      

Who to ask

In all cases if you don’t know then the option is to ask. It is better to “Be Prepared” than to find that something has been mis-understood so we request that people ask if unsure.


Any matters related to the Section should be directed to the specific Section Leader. In their absence one of the Assistant Leaders can be approached.


Any matters related to the overall area of Scouting can be directed at the Group Scout Leader.


For issues with the Group social and fund raising activities these can be directed at the Group Chairman. If they are not available then questions can be directed at another member of the Group Committee or the Group Scout Leader.